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GMS Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser for Simplified Medication Compliance

GMS Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser for Simplified Medication Compliance by Miranda Murray 10/30/2017 7 out of 10 Americans are prescribed at least 1 drug, but your medication doesn’t work if you don’t take it.  Medication non-adherence is a growing concern […]

Yoga and Diabetes

Yoga and Diabetes by Miranda Murray Revised 10/6/2017 Yoga and Diabetes Staying active should play a large role in managing diabetes.  Have you thought about giving yoga a try?  Yoga has been shown to improve blood sugar levels and help […]

Detoxing the Body

Detoxing the Body by Miranda Murray Published May 2017; Updated October 2017 From the air we breathe to the foods we eat, life as we know it is full of harmful pollutants, chemicals and toxins.  All of these toxins can […]

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Benefits of Sauna

Benefits of Sauna 9/19/2017 by Miranda Murray When was the last time you could experience multiple health benefits by simply doing nothing?!  Imagine a room from which you emerge feeling relaxed, pain-free, and healthy.  Allow me to introduce sauna. There […]

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Uses for Activated Charcoal

Uses for Activated Charcoal 9/12/2017 by Miranda Murray Before you put your grilling apron on, allow me to blow your mind with other uses for activated charcoal. Activated charcoal (or activated carbon) is made up of a combination of bone char, […]

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The Best GMS Products To Take Camping

  As summer winds down the perfect camping weather is right around the corner. Crisp morning air, leaves changing color, dew on the tent, roasting marshmallows while the sun goes down; you get the picture. We’re here to help you […]

Why Oral Hygiene is Important For Your Overall Health

Why Oral Hygiene is Important For Your Overall Health 8/30/2017 by Miranda Murray Brushing our teeth is one of the first things we learn when we learn to take care of ourselves.  We know we should brush our teeth twice […]

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Experience The Vast Health Benefits of Tea

Experience the Vast Health Benefits of Tea 8/21/2017 by Miranda Murray After water, tea is the most enjoyed beverage in the world; and after coming to know all of tea’s amazing benefits, it’ll soon become a staple of your diet. […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need a ChillMED Bag…Even If You’re Not Diabetic.

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Botanical Healing

Botanical Healing by Miranda Murray 7/26/2017 Herbs aren’t just for making your food taste good.  Before they were tasty additions to our meals, they were used medicinally.  Because they hold the Earth’s energy within them, they have strong healing properties. […]