The Best GMS Products To Take Camping

September 1st, 2017

12 Best GMS Products to Take Camping


As summer winds down the perfect camping weather is right around the corner. Crisp morning air, leaves changing color, dew on the tent, roasting marshmallows while the sun goes down; you get the picture. We’re here to help you see how our products help with your health AND amplify your camping trip. So without further ado…


12 Best Group Medical Supply Products for Camping

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Cold-Pax Ice pack 1. 24oz GMS Cold-Pax: This large sheet ice pack is reusable and keeps cold for 12+ hours. Made with non-toxic materials this bad boy fits great into a cooler and stays dry unlike ice. Cold-Pax is a viscous gel refrigerant specially formulated with food safe non-toxic materials, and hermetically sealed in a heavy plastic, leak-proof pouch which stays colder than ice. It’s also available in 4 sizes to ensure a proper fit in your cooler or travel containers. How about that for cool camping?


40 Dram Pill Vial 2. 40 Dram Push & Turn Vials: These vials work great for keeping small objects safe and together, such as matches. These come in a pack of 6 which is great for keeping your valuables safe while camping, hiking, and biking safe. We’ve seen these turn into spare keys holders, matches keeper, mini first-aid kits, and of course medication containers.
Purple VitaCarry 8 Compartment Gasketed Pill Box 3. VitaCarry 8 compartment Gasketed Pill Box: This pill box works great as a traveling pharmacy. Not only is it wonderful for camping, but also for keeping in purses and travel bags. The blank lid enables you to add labels above each compartment. Instead of hauling the entire medicine cabinet with, a small hand held size pill box works great!
Green Sparkle Pill Fob 4. Sparkle Brights Key Chain Pill Fob: Speaking of traveling with medicine, assuming that while camping you’ll be away from the campsite at some point, these Sparkle Pill Fobs have a key chain attachment and come in 4 bright colors for easy spotting if dropped. It is moisture proof and adds some color to your key chain or carabiner.
ChillMED Carry-All in Burgundy 5. ChillMED Carry-All: Aside from being a Diabetic supply bag, this bag is great for carrying your travel first aid kit, granola bars, feminine hygiene products, cell phone, digital camera, and other small items you might bring on bike rides and hikes. You’re able to carry it by hand or use the waist strap OR the should strap option. Lightweight, durable, and comes in 3 colors! All for your convenience. Need more space than that? We have other models too!
Rainbow stackable Pill Organizer 6. 7 Day Stackable Pill Planner: Stack up your bits and things with this handy fella. Great for keeping jewelry, seasonings, and sweet treats separated and sealed up while traveling or camping. 7 different colored compartments makes it easy for organization while away from home!
Vitanizer 6 Section Vitamin Sorter 7. Vitanizer 6 Section Vitamin Dispenser with Easy Turn Lid: Cooking while camping doesn’t mean skimping on flavor! Use this 6 compartment pill organizer as a seasonings sorter! Fill with pepper, salt, garlic power, or what ever you use to make your food taste delicious! The clear containers make it easy to label the outside and see the contents. How scrumptious!
GMS 26050 8. Eye Wear Sport Strap : Never worry about your glasses falling off of your face again. Leaning over the side of the canoe, your strap will make sure your glasses or sunglasses aren’t going for a swim. Buy them for you, your friends, family, and your children! These are available to purchase in packs of 3 and also in single packs.
Clear Silicone temple tips 9. GMS Optical Sports & Active Silicone Temple Tips: Yet another option to prevent your glasses from falling off of your face, are our temple tips. The soft silicone holds your glasses or sunglasses to your face while providing a better fit and resisting the sweat slide down your nose. These are available in 5 different colors and for a low price of $4.98!
Wips'N Clear lens wipes 10. Wipe N’Clear Multipurpose Lens Wipes: The name says it all. Wipe the sweat, dust, and fingerprints off of your lenses after a hard day on the trail. These are sold in 25 count boxes and with 4 different designs. Another must have for camping.
GMS Plastic Eye Wash Cup 11. GMS Optical Plastic Eye Wash Cup: This is a great item to have if you experience allergies or are doing extreme outdoor activities! It cleans your eyeball and washes away any irritants that you may have encountered while camping. Such as pollen, campfire smoke, or bugs! Small, easy to carry and works wonders!
Breathe EZY Nose Strips 12. Breathe Ezy Nasal Strips: Finally, if you’re camping with someone who snores, these are the difference between sweet dreams and tossing and turning all night long. They relieve congestion and prevent snoring! A must have!





Next time you find yourself heading off to a campsite, consider using these items to make sure your camping trip is a success!  

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We’d love to hear how you use our products! Comment below and tell us your crafty double use!



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