Introducing NEW ChillMED Travel Medication Bags!

July 12th, 2017

It can be hard to find the right tools to travel safely with medication, especially insulin.  Well, look no further!  Group Med Shop is proud to introduce our brand new line of highly anticipated, redesigned ChillMED bags!

ChillMED is a line of medication travel bags solely designed and manufactured by Group Med Shop.  They provide you with everything you need to travel with peace of mind.  Whether you need a small bag to simply carry your daily items, or if you’re looking to travel abroad – ChillMED has the perfect bag for you!

Introducing the new ChillMed Carry All

The Carry All is the bag you’ll never want to leave the house without!  It’s equipped with 2 sides.  One compartment has 100% discretion while the other has a mesh-backing for breathe-ability.  Both compartments are zippered for security but open wide to retrieve items.  This simple but foolproof design is perfect for carrying your everyday needs.  Store everything from diabetic supplies like your meter and test strips, to make up and feminine hygiene products.  The Carry All is also supplied with a strap to wear around your waist – like a dependable “fanny pack!”

The Carry All is exceptionally accommodating to the Frio Cooling Wallets.  Frio Cooling Wallets virtually eliminate the need for freezer packs to keep insulin at a safe temperature!  Available in a variety of sizes, the Frio is activated by water and will keep its contents cool for a minimum of 45 hours!



Introducing the new ChillMED Today

The ChillMED Today bag is as versatile as it is convenient!  Its innovative design includes 2 sides – 1 side includes a 6 ounce re-usable freezer gel pack that will keep the bag’s contents cool for up to 6 hours!  This side is equipped with 6 elastic slots for reliable storage of insulin vials and pens of varying sizes.  The other side will safely and securely store everything from your meter and test strips, to your smart phone and credit cards!  Carry it by the handle or slip it easily inside a purse, back pack, or luggage!

 Introducing the new ChillMED Elite

Talk about the perfect travel bag!  This bag was designed with you in mind.  The largest and most resourceful ChillMED bag, the Elite can store up to 2 weeks of medication supplies!  The Elite is packed with ample storage space and even an optional shoulder strap.  It has two sides – a cooling side and a dry (room temperature) side.  The cooling side includes two 6 ounce re-usable freezer gel packs that reach up to 12 hours of cooling time!  The dry side will allow you to store and organize up to 2 weeks worth of medication and supplies in its various zippered, mesh compartments.  Carry it as its own fashionable bag or pack it inside your luggage while taking a vacation!

All of the new ChillMED bags have been redesigned with a sturdy, high-thread count, 600D Cordura Nylon exterior and are available in three fashionable colors – Blue, Burgundy and Grey!  Please note: bags are shown with accessories – these accessories are NOT included.  They are shown here for informational purposes only.

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