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What is Oil Pulling?

When you hear the words “oil pulling,” I bet oral hygiene doesn’t come mind.  But it will now.  Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves “swishing” your mouth with oil to improve your oral health. As someone who […]

Daily Health & Fitness

Improve Your Health By Eating Fermented Foods

Fermented foods can have a remarkable impact on your health, particularly your digestive system.  A healthy digestive system is crucial for the functionality of nearly the entire body.  Fermented foods go through a process known as “lacto-fermentation,” during which bacteria […]

Daily Health & Fitness

The Numerous Benefits of Coconut Oil

You may already be using coconut oil for cooking, but there are so many other great benefits and uses for it.  Coconut oil is a “healthy fat” superfood that can benefit many areas of your body!  I always prefer to […]

Do you have a sugar addiction?

Ahh sweet, delicious sugar.  Just the thought of enjoying your favorite sweet treat brings feelings of bliss.  Consuming it will actually release dopamine in your brain – the feelings of reward and pleasure.  But too much sugar can also bring […]

The Keto Diet and how it can benefit you!

“Yay, another diet fad” – said no one ever.  But this is not just a “diet” and certainly not a fad.  So, what IS the Keto diet?! The Ketogenic Diet is one that consists of eating high-fat foods while cutting […]

Daily Health & Fitness

Avoid Re-Heating These 11 Foods

We should all be active in learning about what we put into our bodies, especially those of us who may suffer from Diabetes or other disease or disorder.  Some foods, like the ones in this list, are just not meant […]

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Increase Your Lifespan by Years…Just Stand Up.

If you or someone you know looks like the person on the far right, suggest or ask for that person to join you in standing up this April.     Numerous studies conducted over the past few years have concluded […]

Daily Health & Fitness

Teens, Workout Now to Avoid Diabetes Later

Teens: It’s time to step up your game. New research suggests a lack of fitness and poor muscle strength at age 18 can increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes later in life, no matter your body weight. That’s according to […]

Diabetic Health Tips & News

Five appointments you need to schedule after a diabetes diagnosis

Schedule a Diabetes Education Class First, it is essential that you get into an education class regarding diabetes. The more resources you have the better. The fact is, training on nutrition and healthy living should really start in elementary school, […]

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Groupmedshop.com Live Chat

We have added new features to our site. The newest feature is our live chat. You are now able to talk to a live Customer Service rep. They will be able to answer  any questions you have on product, checking […]